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            • Ceiling Function

              The function which gives the smallest integer , shown as the thick curve in the above plot. Schroeder
              (1991) calls the ceiling function symbols the "gallows" because of the
              similarity in appearance...

            • In the quarter-finals with Curtain walls of Brand

              In the face of China's economic development process of China's
              doors and windows, curtain wall industry has been developing a broad space. In
              such a good environment, we focus on energy-saving const...

            • Integration is the ceiling of the ceiling-to-date

              In fact, steel plate by the second generation of
              ceiling materials from PVC to improve, also known as UPVC, it has the advantage
              of good value for money, use a small amount of distortion, good scrub...

            • Promising point of the curtain wall technology

              [Abstract] so that the plastic arts of modern glass
              curtain wall at more and more architects love and appreciation, making the
              technology in China has been widely applied. Through point-glass curtai...

            • All-glass curtain wall

              All-glass curtain wall of glass is ribbed glass
              panels and glass curtain wall posed. All-glass curtain wall is divided into
              land-Block (trough) glass curtain wall and glass-curtain wall hanging. 4 m...